Executive Board

Anne Li

Anne Li - Co-President

Anne is a junior at the Johns Hopkins University double majoring in neuroscience and Spanish on a pre-medical track. Her research interests include using microRNAs as a potential source of therapy for diseases, especially neurological diseases and brain cancers. She is currently working with microRNAs and glioblastoma. Her aim is to achieve an MD-PhD and work in pediatric neurology.

Arunima Vijay

Arunima Vijay - Co-President

Arunima is a senior majoring in Cognitive Science with focal areas in linguistics and neuroscience. She researches the development of perceptual and mental verbs in children, and is also interested in the using art as a therapeutic method for developmental disorders. Following college, she plans on attending medical school to pursue her aspiration of becoming a physician-researcher concentrated on global care and linguistic development of Autistic populations.

Sophia Song

Sophia Song - Conference Chair

Sophia is a junior majoring in cognitive science with focal areas in neuroscience and computational approaches to cognition. She is pre-med and participates in research at JHMI regarding action timing in the visual system.

Kiley McKee

Kiley McKee - Treasurer

Kiley is a sophomore Cognitive Science and Psychology double major at Johns Hopkins University. She is currently working on a project involving spatial thinking and 3rd grade STEM curriculum development with Hopkins’ Science of Learning Institute. In the future, Kiley hopes to continue bridging the gap between science of learning research and education.

Coleman Haley

Coleman Haley - Webmaster

Coleman is a sophomore majoring in computer science and cognitive science with focal areas in linguistics and computational approaches to cognition. He is interested in human-computer interaction, particularly through linguistic interfaces. He will be working on a project in the phonology lab this fall.

Angela Wang

Angela Wang - Community Service Chair

Angela is a junior majoring in public health and psychology. Her research interests are clinical and cognitive psychology. She loves to watch Netflix and korean dramas in her free time and is excited to contribute more to Omega Psi this semester.

Aditi Kannan

Aditi Kannan - Fundraising Chair

Aditi is a senior majoring in Cognitive Science with focal areas in neuroscience and linguistics. She has done research in neuroengineering and instrumentation, working on sensory substitution mechanisms and prosthetic limb technology. She is interested in the area of consumer decision making, and the role of BCI (Brain Computer Interface) models in understanding the influencers of economic decisions in the marketplace.